Practicing the art and science of solving your complex business problems…

We are a business, engineering and management resource team and think tank, that make our clients more resilient by providing solutions for their complex problems.

Our areas of focus are consumer goods, global wellbeing and risk management.

NohBell was formed as a “Business Practice” in November, 2002, by former Fortune 500 executives. Each partner brings a unique set of skills to the organization and a wide range of experience in “world class” business standards, with a specific focus on supply chain operations and related disciplines.

With our extensive hands on backgrounds in coffee, wine, food processing, apparel, automotive, packaging and consumer goods sectors, we deliver results based on experience and first hand knowledge.


Knowledge, Creativity, Integrtion, Execution... A Think Tank...

Clients hire us to think creatively and strategically about  how to integrate current and emerging technologies with traditional business and manufacturing operations. The objective is how to create seamless transitions that provide measurable benefits for the organizationas an entity. The key to success is recognition of those opportunities and a call to action from concept to completion. 


Risk, Threat, Vulnerability & Contingency Planning...

The team has performed RTV&C assessments for major ultities, private companies, states, counties and city governments across the country. Our proprietary methodology and technology deliver an unparalleled set of tools for analyzing risk and provides a platform for day-to-day and realtime management in calm and crisis.

Executive Networking not only delivers results but it also prevents problems. Bt becoming proactive, executives have a new-found and unbiased resource with which to explore their vision, bring projects to completion, or investigate new opportunities. Sharing with someone outside the organization offers a strickly confidential venue for you to receive an objective perspective. With no hidden agenda, you gain a true partner in helping you achieve what is most meaningful.


Industry Experience

With several decades of experiences with some of the iconic consumer goods companies, the right combination of technology and best practices have been applied to guide tailored solutions.


Customer Diversity

In concert with providng creative solutions to our clients, their diversity helps spawn cross industry solutions that typically do not cross paths.


Strategic Partnerships

Key partnerships allow us to draw on a wide array of talent and resources as situations and solutions sets are implemented.


Global Impact Initiatives

We strive to develop "good for the planet" initiatives to set the foundation for a long term strategy for our clients, partners and extended families around the planet.

Our Contacts


Seattle/Freeland, Washington, USA


+1 425 223 4253